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The Whoop The Whoop brings the ability to track your recovery.      Druh Black Crocodile or Black Suede Belt paired with the Arnold Palmer Buckle & db three bar buckle. High quality golf belts are the ultimate understated golf accessory; Rolex watches, Oakley sunglasses are all understated items they don’t shout out at you, but you certainly know when someone is wearing them. It’s the same with wearing a Druh Golf Belt, beautifully subtle, but never ignored. You can have the latest driver or the highest quality golf attire, but a mediocre shoddy golf belt will let you down. If...

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Stepping up to the teebox this week at the Bobby Jones Golf Course with more than their golf games on the line, Symetra Tour Player Kayla Jones, APGA professional golfers, Kamaui Johnson and Tim O'Neale, along with PGA caddy Mateo Gomez and Pastor Sam Kang of Reconcile Church, formed pairing to intentionally talk about anti-racism. They met with social justice leaders in the Atlanta area to share stories and talk about the impact social justice initiatives create for all Americans.  Altanta is a historic place in the life of black golfers throughout our country. Alferd Tup Holmes an avid and...

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