Druh Butterfly Buckle - Aqua Blue
Druh Butterfly Buckle - Black and Purple
Druh Butterfly Buckle - Purple
Druh Butterfly Buckle - Red and Pink
Druh Butterfly Buckle - Red, Black and Purple
Druh Butterfly Buckle - Union Jack
Druh Butterfly Buckle - Rainbow

Druh Butterfly Buckles

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Designer Butterfly Buckles make a statement on any outfit from the golf course to your next night out. Dua Lipa has brought the iconic butterfly style back into fashion and this buckle with its detail of diamante sparkle next to the enamel color infill of your choice makes for the perfect gift for yourself or a friend.
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Each belt is handmade using the finest in sustainable and natural materials. Leather and snakeskin straps are matched to Druh’s unique range of interchangeable buckles, which gives you the opportunity to create your own look. Need inspiration, why not take styling hints from Lee Westwood?

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