White and Black Druh Golf Belt
Druh white golf belt lizard
Druh Golf Belt Brown Lizard
Druh Golf Belt Black Lizard
Lizard Leather Collection

Lizard Leather Collection

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Druh Belts - Ostrich Leather Belt Strap - in White, Black, Brown and Black & White

We’ve captured the bold look of lizard in these handmade leather straps. Offered in a variety of colors and customizable with any of our Druh buckles, choose multiple combos and be the true chameleon of your foursome.

Our handmade leather belt straps are beautiful, supple, and rich with pattern. Each strap measures 1.5" width and 42" long when the end clip and buckle are attached.

- Tour Collection
- Premium Leather
- Lizard Texture Finish
- Presentation Pouch & Box
- One Size Fits All
- Trim Leather to Size with Sharp Scissors

Material: 100% Leather